Mathematics for Life

At Mathinbox our students learn to build an enabling relationship with Mathematics. Our students perform better in school exams, college and university entrance tests.

Our Strengths

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are highly experienced in teaching mathematics from junior to high school including O/A levels and IGCSE.

Interactive EdTech

We facilitate learning in real time with the use of educational technologies in our classrooms enabling an interactive learning environment.

Learning Methodologies

The use of constructivist and problem-based learning methodologies enables true learning of core concepts.

Student Oriented

With a focus on individual learning needs of every student we tailor our lessons for optimal absorption by students.

Key Advantages in Learning with Mathinbox

Here are the key advantages that the students of Mathinbox receive.

We are continuously striving to improve our learning process design to deliver more to our students.

Affordable Fee

Students benefit from Mathinbox's mission to spread learning of Mathematics with affordable fee.

Personalized Learning

With a one-on-one and micro-class formats students get the much needed personalized attention from teachers.

Flexible Classes

Students can enroll in classes that suit their weekly schedule with the option of make-up classes.

Exam Preparation Testing

Preparation tests from past examinations enable students to perform better in final examinations.

After-Class Support

Students can further clarify concepts and seek assistance in problem solving from the teachers ensuring learning.



Let us help you learn Mathematics

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